Day 5 - 50% Funded on Seed and Spark!

Five days in and we've just surpassed the $10K mark! On a Saturday no less! Special thanks to Lex Sloan, Director of Operations at The Roxie Theater, filmmaker, and dear friend of our team for getting us half way to our goal!

As promised, now that we've reached the 50% mark we will reveal the first cast member of Bring me an Avocado with a video of her sharing her favorite recipe. Who could it be?!

.... Tune in tomorrow to find out.

In the meantime, check out the photos from our Launch Party and join us in reminiscing on how wonderful week one has been.

We continue to be blown away by the love and support you all have shown #TeamGuac over these last five days. We've still got over three weeks of campaigning to do, so continue to spread the word and encourage your humans to head over to to keep the follows and contributions coming.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's reveal in honor of this important benchmark!

Thank you all for helping us #UnlockTheGuac!

Team Guac

Maria, Natalie, Bianca and Gavin

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