1st Cast Member Revealed!

Let's start off with a happy Monday and a big THANK YOU. Because of your generosity and efforts, we are now at 100 Backers, 345 Followers and standing at 56% of our goal! And it's still the first week!

We promised it would take 50%of our goal reached to #unlocktheguac and now we deliver: We are happy to announce Ashley Spillers will be joining us in the role of Greece! Ashley currently has a recurring role in HBO's Vice Principals and has recently had roles in War Dogs with Miles Teller and Jonah Hill and Last Vegas acting opposite DeNiro.

Here she is, making guacamole for you:

Our next benchmark is to get to 400 followers by the end of the today. That's 55 people we need to join team guac. You can join the efforts, by sharing this video, which is also on facebook, with friends and family, and asking them to click the link and "follow" our film on seed&spark.

We're going to make a movie together, guys. 100 backers in week 1!

#AshleySpillers #SXSW #VicePrincipals #SeedSpark #HometownHeroes

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