We Made You a Mixed Tape

Hello Team Guac!

Today is "El Dia de la Primavera" in Bolivia, the first day of spring dedicated to el amor y la amistad, and we are feel. ing. It! So we made you A Mixed Tape.

Not quite a tape of love songs, that playlist includes all the songs that inspired the tone of our film during many rewrites. We hope you enjoy it, and it helps you feel a little closer to our film.

In the spirit of "El Dia de la Primavera" we wanted to ask you to share our project with a loved one and ask them to join our team with a follow. Ya know the drill. Our goal for today is to reach 650 followers and our next benchmark is the greenlight. Once we reach the green light we will share our male lead:

Feliz Dia de la Primavera!

Team Guac

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