The Green Light!

Helloooooo Team Guac!

This morning, everyone on my team reached for their phone to find out that we had reached 80% of funding and received the green light! The best possible way to hit the ground running on day 15 of our campaign. If you are reading this, you are one of the humans that have gotten us this far. THANKY YOU.

Mush and gush aside, we've got a brief state of the union for ya:

1. The green light means that we have officially made enough money to be able to keep it. So now, even if we don't make it to 100% (not a chance) we get to keep what we've made.

2. You are RIGHT! We are greenlit and now we must pay up a guacamole video! Tomorrow morning we will be releasing our leading man and his recipe of guacamole. Stay tuned.

3. Tomorrow marks the half way point of our campaign which means we are about to bring out our magical matching donor! And with that comes a bunch of NEW super fun perks. So stay tuned! And spread the word! Call your mom/ guardian!

We are going to bed with hearts full after a celebratory day. Look how happy you made our Executive Producer:

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