Candace's Guacamole!

Hi #TeamGuac!

Delighted to finally put Candace Roberts in front of your ojos! She's the talent taking on the character of Jada in Bring me an Avocado.

Candace and I met working at Project Open Hand a few years ago. When I posted a casting call for the role of Jada on social media she commented on the description with a "so basically me" and I playfully told her to wing it and audition. She was the first audition we saw that day and with no on-camera experience, absolutely killed the role and left us all with our jaws in our laps. We're super excited to be debuting this talent in our film. She's going to be puuuure magic.

Once again, thank you so much from the bottom of my fragile little heart for supporting this project. We've got 8 days left of this crazy ride! Stick with me, kid (can I call you kid?) we're going to make a beautiful film!

Also, do me a favor and pretty please make a friend follow the project today.


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