Did you know it's National Avocado Day? (we've got unrelated news)

Team Guac!

My gatos has a lot happened since we last checked in! I apologize for the silence, but we've been making you a movie and it's been keeping us kinda busy. But NO EXCUSES.

The highlights:

We shot the movie over 12 days, 9 in a gorgeous house in Temescal, Oakland, 2 in a hospital and 1 on the road. Our small team was what dreams are made of: professionals, with great attitudes, full of energy and impeccable senses of humor.

We saw a bunch of chickens, two dogs, two horses, a rat and a goat woman on set. None made it into the movie. But it was rad to have so many #setpets.

Thanks to the guidance of our friends making A Room Full of Nothing (check out their page on seed&spark) we reached out to a bunch of local restaurants and had our catering almost completely sponsored by local restaurants with the exception of a few days where real human friends made sure we were fed. (THANK YOU to Danica, Teresa, Maria, Sarah, Christina, Madeline, and Mel!)

I learned that a 7-year-old can eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in less than 2 minutes and will eat a whole one for each take if you aren't paying attention.

As of yesterday our incomparable sorceress of an editor, Anna Rottke, had been at the chopping board with our film for 24 days. (You can follow her on Instagram at @ghostcoastgfx to see a little of her magic on a regular basis.) The movie is there and it is beautiful. Watching the rhythm and every beat of the film fall into place has me floating.

The amazing people at The Roxie Theater launched Roxie Review to support Bay Area filmmakers who want to host a feedback screening, test a DCP, you name it! We had the pleasure of using this service and can not recommend it enough. The screening was so informative and helpful.

Lastly, we are shooting b-roll pickups this Saturday to fill in a few gaps on the road to picture lock. Everything is going so damn smoothly, I've started checking both sides of the road twice before crossing.

We are back to fundraising and need to find an additional 10k for sound, music, color, and vfx. You can boost us there with a tax-deductible contribution via our fiscal sponsor cinefemme if you're feeling in the holiday spirit! Or better yet, if you are interested in joining our team as an executive producer to support any of these expenses, shoot me an email and I'll send you a link to the film and share our deepest darkest secrets with you.

Thanks for reading! I LOVE YOU!

Here's proof of the goat woman, so you don't think I'm a liar:

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