Avocado won an Audience Award!

Buenas noches mis queridas paltas!

(palta = avocado in bolivia)

I write to you from the couch, where I've spent most of the day. My body gave out on me today forcing me to slow down, and gave me a nice delirious reflection on how great March was to us. Am I am always in a bit of a whirlwind when I write these? Probably.

We premiered in San Jose in a theater with 565 seats and the house was PACKED. We had three additional screenings, all with great audiences and thoughtful Q&As. I look terrified in all the pictures, but in retrospect, it was all perfect and dreamy and that's all that matters! And THEN, we tied for the audience award. With freakin' Emilio Estevez! Which I personally think is cooler than just winning an audience award. I mean, Coach Bombay probably disagrees, but on our end, it made it cooler fa sho.

Next stop, Dubuque, Iowa for the Julien Dubuque Film Festival! When I googled Dubuque this was the top news story, which somehow made me feel a big boat of love for the people of the city already.

Do you know anyone in Dubuque? We made this event on facebook and don't know anyone to invite to it. Halp us if you know!

Once again, and forever, every chance I get, THANK YOU for your support.


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