Maria Mealla was created in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia. She was raised by storytellers that encouraged her to pursue filmmaking, a path which eventually led her to the beautiful city by the bay. She ventured into movie-making in 2010 and learned the craft through work trade by collaborating with other talented filmmakers on their projects. She has since written, produced and directed the feature film Women and Cigarettes, a collection of romantic short films titled Business Affairs, and a handful of shorts on lower-middle class millennials. She is the chapter leader of the SF Cinefemme Director's Collective. When she's not working on narrative films, she freelances as a video producer/editor throughout the Bay Area. It helps her put food on the table. Her favorite foods are hotdogs and mashed potatoes and she is of average height.

executive producer

Natalie was born the lowland jungles of Eastern Bolivia, the seventh of eight children. In addition to Executive Producing Bring me an Avocado, Natalie is an actress, director, development professional and storyteller based out of Los Angeles, CA. She launched her career with CNN International, where she managed the launch of the networks' first Middle Eastern production Hub in Abu Dhabi. Natalie left the corporate sector for the social sector in 2010 and has raised more than $10M for non-profit organizations throughout the Bay Area and Los Angeles. She Co-founded Changing Stories, a mission based production company that changes the way stories are told and shared to inspire action for social good.When she's not running around at 100 MPH, Natalie can be found seeking harmony and balance in nature with her husky-dingo mix Savannah. 


Bianca has been bringing order to the chaos that is movie-making for almost a decade as a producer, assistant director, script supervisor, and film festival gypsy. In addition to producing Bring Me an Avocado, she brings socially conscious documentaries to the masses with ITVS, where she is responsible for delivering the award-winning series Independent Lens to a national public television audience. She is a proud Bay Area native, film studies graduate of UC Berkeley and longtime member of SF's Scary Cow filmmaking collective. She is also an aspiring writer, devoted taco and tattoo enthusiast, and animal lover who counts sloths, cheetahs and bees among her spirit species.

director of photography

Gavin was born in San Francisco, CA to artist parents. He didn't have a chance. Falling in love with film and lighting in High School, Gavin went on to work on commercials, features, shorts and music videos, learning from his mentors and contemporaries, adding to his ever growing toolbox of solutions and style that he implements on each set. So far his work has taken him across the world, shooting in Tokyo, London, Shanghai, and Idaho. In Bring Me an Avocado, Gavin latched on to the very human qualities of the characters and their, though specific, relatable struggle in strengthening and drawing strength from a small community. His favorite food is the Super Burrito, the real San Francisco treat. He's on the taller side.



Alex Mallonee

Although technically a third generation San Franciscan, Alex has never actually lived in San Francisco, and spent his childhood in the suburbs of the “Deep East” Bay Area. From an early age, Alex has always had a desire to make films. Perhaps it was his parent’s refusal to pay for broadcast or cable television as a child that backfired and led him to pursue a career in the film industry. Alex attended UC Santa Cruz and graduated with a degree in Film and Digital Media. He has recently embraced a nomadic lifestyle and bounces between Brooklyn and Oakland working as a freelance director, producer, and occasional actor while creating his own short films and music videos. In addition to Bring Me An Avocado, Alex has recently co-directed the short film Man’s Best Friend, produced the feature length documentary Do U Want It?, and though he can’t dunk, he can definitely touch the rim.

Natasha Chee

Natasha Chee is from the East SF Bay Area, and works in both SF and LA. Her Indonesian mother and Trinidadian father, both fashion designers, honed her sense of creativity and artistic eye. Natasha earned a B.S. from UCLA in Biochemistry with a Minor in French, and a J.D. from Santa Clara University School of Law.  Natasha is an entertainment lawyer, working with filmmakers, music producers, and other artists to help protect and fulfill their creative visions. Natasha is the Attorney, Music Supervisor and Post-Production Supervisor for the films Best F(r)iends Volumes 1 + 2, the cinematic reunion of Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero of the cult film The Room and The Disaster Artist. She is also the Music Supervisor for the Best F(r)iends Soundtrack, composed by Daniel Platzman of Imagine Dragons. Natasha enjoys reading, painting, visiting museums, and travelling the world. As William Shakespeare put it, “And though she be but little, she is fierce.”

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